Summary of Changes

Changes for Release v12.6.1

This release includes the following changes:
  • Removed the built-in backup/restore features, suggest using the VM snapshot to backup. User can also simply backup the data directory. For Windows installation is:
For Linux installation is:
  • Support store the recording and log files to the AWS S3
  • Support the Privacy header, if the UA makes the call with the Privacy header, the PBX will forward this header to the callee
  • When there have the call reached the agent of the ring group/queue, the event will be published to the WebSocket Publish subscriber
  • Provide a custom option allows includes the recording file ID in the CDR event JSON payload
  • The REST API for list the CDR, call recording, the black list is changed
  • Fixed a crash bug if works with the MicroSIP App for presence
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