PBX User Guide
Whether you’re using the Web Client, Mobile App, Windows Desktop App, or a desk phone, PortSIP is your one-stop for all business communication. Colleagues, clients, or customers – PortSIP provides the tools you need to collaborate, call, chat, share, and more. Sync up with co-workers for higher levels of efficiency and productivity in the office, and benefit from inbuilt contact center tools to boost customer satisfaction. New to PortSIP? No problem! This guide is the ideal starting point to get to grips with the most essential features of PortSIP. If you’re already familiar, check out our more in-depth guides to find out what more you can do.
This guide is designed to assist administrators in deploying PortSIP products in a Windows or Linux environment and explain a number of deployment modes, architectures, and limitations of the solution.
Last modified 5mo ago
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