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Cloud PBX/UC has enabled organizations to scale, stay flexible, be resilient, and focus on the business they do, rather than go into the complexities of IT infrastructure. Cloud UC services (UCaaS) providers like RingCentral, Nextiva, Vonage, ZOOM, etc. Sell cloud communication services and cloud-based products.

Distributors/Resellers partner with the service providers to give out cloud UC services and products to the customers.

A distributor or the reseller purchases cloud UC services and cloud-based UC products from the cloud service provider and further sells them to the end users.

The cloud PBX/UC service providers just need to focus on hosting the PBX UC system in the cloud, ensuring service operation, and providing continuous stable service.

PortSIP PBX is a multi-tenant PBX designed for the cloud age. It offers a great feature called Dealers that allows service providers to manage dealers (distributors and resellers) easily.

Dealer Levels

PortSIP PBX provides three levels for dealers:

  • Distributor

  • Sub-Distributor

  • Reseller

Each level of the dealer can create, modify, or delete the lower-level dealer.

  • The service provider can create the Distributor, Sub-Distributor, and Reseller.

  • The Distributor can only create the Sub-Distributor and Reseller.

  • The Sub-Distributor can only create the Reseller.

All levels of dealers can create and manage their end-users - tenants.

Add a Dealer

Please follow the below steps to add the dealer to the PortSIP PBX.

  • Sign in to the PortSIP PBX web portal as the system administrator.

  • Click the menu Dealers, all dealers will be listed.

  • Click the Add button.

Enter the appropriate values for the necessary fields, then click the OK button to create the dealer. In the Level field, you can choose the level for this dealer: Distributor, Sub-Distributor, or Reseller.

You can limit that distributor capability by specifying the maximum of tenants, and the maximum of extensions.

After the dealer is successfully created, that dealer can sign in to the PortSIP PBX web portal to manage its tenants and dealers.

Sign in the Dealer

A dealer can sign in to the PortSIP PBX web portal by entering the username and password. Please see the below screenshot for an example:

Once the dealer signs in to the PortSIP PBX web portal, they can access the Dealers and Tenants menus which allow them to manage the sub-dealers and tenants they created.

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