16 Call Queue

What is a call queue?

A call queue is one line of callers who are waiting for an agent to receive the call. A call can only be in one queue at a time. Agents may receive calls from any number of queues simultaneously.

Queues are designed for call center or contact center activities. They may include supplemental features that allow agents or supervisors to monitor how many people are in the queue or affect the order.

Call queuing lets you respond to peak demand without higher costs.

Why use call queues?

  • Handle a higher number of calls and limit them from being sent to voicemail.

  • Increase the performance of inbound call campaigns so more calls are answered.

  • Play music on hold to callers and inform them about promotions.

  • Direct calls based on time, dialed number, VIPs, and more.

  • Build contact center

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