12 Configuring Virtual Receptionist

The virtual receptionist feature allows PortSIP PBX to answer phone calls automatically. When a call comes into the PortSIP, the caller is presented with a list of options. The caller can choose the appropriate option by using the numbers on their phone keypad. You can implement a menu by using this feature. A virtual receptionist is also known as an Auto Attendant.

For example, "Thanks for contacting us; for sales, press 1; for support, press 2 or wait in line to be transferred to the operator."

You can configure various virtual receptionists, each of which owns a unique extension number. Depending on your preferences, you may configure to answer calls on the base of which line the call comes in and from, as well as whether the call is received inside or outside office hours. For example, you can have a different prompt for outside office hours that do not include the option to be transferred to groups/queues since there are no agents available to take the calls.

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