Speed Dial 100

Speed Dial 100 allows you to assign the numbers you call most. Once programmed you just dial two digits(00-99). You can program this two ways: via the personal web portal or dialing the FAC from IP Phone/Softphone. The web portal is a bit easier to manage and confirm accuracy, but either way can work.

Assume we need to program the speed dial code 06 for the phone number 0015620671.

Program Option 1

  1. Log into PortSIP PBX Web portal.

  2. Edit the user profile.

  3. Click the Speed Dial 100 tab and click the Add button.

  4. Select the 06 from the code list, and enter the phone number 0015620671 and the description in the corresponding boxes.

  5. Click OK to save the settings.

Program Option 2

  1. From the phone dial *75060015620671.

  2. The PBX will play the voice prompts to tell you whether the operation is a success or not.

To use it from the phone, simply dial two digits in case is 06, and the PBX will call the number 0015620671.

Modify the Speed Dial Code Settings

Dialing *75060033125 from your phone will overwrite the previous speed dial settings for code 06 and set the new settings to 0033125.

Delete the Speed Dial Code

Dialing *7506* will delete the speed dial code 06 settings.

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