Configure an SBC for Multiple Tenants

PortSIP SBC supports configuring one Session Border Controller (SBC) to serve multiple tenants for Teams Direct Routing.

1 Configuring the Tenant Domains in Microsoft Teams

Microsoft provided a detailed guide for configuring Microsoft Teams Direct Routing for multiple tenants; please follow Configure a Session Border Controller for multiple tenants to set up the tenant domains in the Microsoft 365 admin center.

According for that guide, the following items summarize the configuration of the base domain and subdomains:

  • The Teams Direct Routing Base domain is

  • The tenant domains are,, and

  • a wildcard SSL certificate for the domain *

  • Resolve the domain to the SBC IP address.

2 Configuring the PortSIP PBX

Please follow the guides below to install and configure the PortSIP PBX:

Now, create three tenants and set their respective SIP domains to,, and

3 Configuring the PortSIP SBC

Please install the PortSIP SBC by following the guide Installation of the PortSIP SBC.

To configure the PortSIP SBC for multiple tenants, please follow the guide and pay attention to the following points:

  • When adding the TLS certificate, enter as the TLS domain and select the option This is an SBC Web Domain Certificate. Then, copy and paste the wildcard certificate of the domain * to add the TLS certificate.

  • When adding the Teams Base Domain, enter as the Teams Base Domain.

  • From the menu, select Settings > Network and enter in the Web Domain field.

4 Configure Call Routing in the PortSIP PBX

Please follow the guide Configuring SBC and PBX to create the Teams trunk and inbound and outbound rules for routing calls. Please skip the section 1 Add Teams Base Domain since we have already completed that step in the previous steps.

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