REST API Examples

Welcome to the PortSIP REST API Reference. This guide provides information about how you can use the REST API to incorporate PortSIP features into custom applications and integrations with third-party software.

The Web Services API offers the following services:

Call Control API

Handle telephony interactions, including SIP.

Multimedia Interactions API

Handle multimedia (audio, video, live streaming) interactions.

Channels API

Manage the different interaction channels available to an agent.

Provisioning API

Automate PortSIP PBX/UCaaS provisioning.

Contacts API

Manage contacts and interaction history.

Settings API

Configure PortSIP PBX/UCaaS Services parameters.

Statistics API

Make use of PortSIP PBX/UCaaS statistics.

Hierarchical Dispositions API

Manage the possible disposition values of interactions.

Platform Configuration API

Manage Configuration Server data.

Outbound API

Handle outbound interactions and campaigns.

Interaction History API

Retrieve interaction history for an agent or contact.

Service API

Retrieve system runtime information.

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