Managing Phones

PortSIP PBX provides an easy way to monitor and manage your phones and softphones throughout your network. The Call Manager > Phones menu in the PortSIP PBX Web Portal allows you to:

  • View all the phones in the network, including IP and MAC.

  • View all PortSIP Clients connected in softphone mode.

  • Check the firmware version that the phone is running.

  • Remotely reboot one or all of the phones.

  • Re-provision the phones.

  • Launch the admin interface of the phone.

  • Monitor the security of the extension password and PIN. Weak extension passwords and PINs are the most common cause of security breaches.

Adding Phones

You can add phones to PortSIP PBX in the following ways:

Changing Phone Settings

Changes made to the phone configuration from the User, Extension, and Phone Provisioning tabs for certain users, you can force the IP Phone to pick up the new configuration immediately by re-provision.

If you need to re-provision the phones, for example after you have made configuration changes:

  1. Select menu Call Manager > Phones.

  2. Choose a provisioned phone that you wish to re-provision.

  3. Click the Reprovision button.

  4. If the phone needs a reboot, it will be done automatically.

  5. The new configurations will be provisioned automatically.

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