What is the Multi-Tenant PBX?

The multi-tenant architecture uses a single instance of a software application to serve multiple customers. In a multi-tenant environment, tenants share common features like security, business logic, and resource management. However, each tenant is isolated from the others to protect its private data and settings.

Multi-tenant architecture can be more cost-effective and easier to deploy globally than other architectures. It also requires minimal IT support.

Multi-tenant architecture can also allow for easier integration with other software applications via an application programming interface (API). Multi-tenant cloud environments are also generally quicker to set up than single-tenant environments.

In a multi-tenant environment, a cloud vendor can offer their services to many customers at a much lower cost than if each customer required their own dedicated infrastructure.

For the cloud PBX service providers and MSPs, the multi-tenant architecture is mandatory for hosting the cloud PBX service.

PortSIP PBX is a native cloud-based, multi-tenant solution that allows for easy scaling, and flexible pricing and boasts rapid innovation. With PortSIP, large and small businesses get the best of both worlds: superior uptime and resilient site connectivity in the case of an outage.

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