Managing your PortSIP PBX doesn't have to be hard. In this FAQ, we answer everything you ever wanted to know about PortSIP UC solutions and then some.
The telephone system hasn't changed much since Alexander Graham Bell invented it 143 years ago. Unlike traditional phones, UC calls take place over the IP network using an IP PBX that is deployed On-premise or Cloud platform.
Even if Voice over Internet Protocol is new to you, or you want to brush up on how VoIP works, you'll enjoy these comprehensive FAQs.

What's the file format required for the PortSIP PBX prompt files?

PortSIP PBX accepts the file format as WAV file in PCM, 16kHz/32kHz/48 kHz, 16 bit, Mono. This file format is applicable to the below applications:
  • Virtual Receptionist
  • Call Queue
  • Conference
  • Voicemail
  • Conference
  • MOH
  • Call Parking
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